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About Shiplu Tandoori Saint Leonards-on-sea

Shiplu Tandoori provides customers with a unique menu full of delicious meals. We have the best Indian takeaway and provide peerless services. Our menu includes meals from the rich South Asian cuisine and also manages to rope in a couple of European dishes. In essence, we give customers the richest and biggest selection that they can imagine. The dishes on our menu are not just multitudinous but with little value. Instead, we ensure an abundant supply that is also as sumptuous as it can get. We have all the options for meat, vegetable, and mixed food lovers. We have prepared a special menu that combines the best selection of each and every item on our premises. Special menus are also included to ensure maximum value for every customer. Shiplu Tandoori shines as a restaurant because it puts the interests of the customers first. We provide quality services that are inaccessible anywhere else. Our restaurant is suitable for the family and all our products are decent and acceptable. Our aim is to provide a satisfactory mix of food and services. Everyone is welcome to relish our great food and remarkable experience.


Shiplu Tandoori Saint Leonards-on-sea Restaurant

You can find us in 5 Norman Road, Hastings TN37 6NH area. Our restaurant is the best place to eat all kinds of meals. Our Indian takeaway menu offers customers a unique chance to appreciate a special cuisine. Customers can visit our restaurant from any nearby city or town and enjoy this unique experience. For a swift preview of the menu, our mobile apps available on the App Store and Google Play are crucial. You can use them to make an order and view the menu in full. We also have a fast delivery service that can be requested by all. Order a meal today and enjoy value and satisfaction.

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